Water Plant Transmission Mains

Project Overview

To meet the growing need for clean, safe drinking water in central Ohio, the City of Columbus is building a fourth water plant along the Scioto River near the corner of Home and Dublin roads in Delaware County. Water transmission mains – large pipes approximately 42-60 inches in diameter – will be built to directly connect the new plant to the Department of Public Utilities water distribution system near the Blazer Parkway area at Frantz Road and Parkcenter Avenue and other strategic areas in northwest Columbus.

These needed improvements will provide additional treatment capacity, increased reliability, and relief to the three existing Columbus water plants. Once the new plant and water transmission mains are operational, overall system capacity will increase to meet the needs of the public. The current average daily volume required by the public is 145 million gallons per day (MGD) and is expected to increase to 175 MGD in the near future. This additional demand will be partially met by the fourth water plant.

Route alignments for the water transmission mains have not yet been determined. Phase 1 of the project will identify, evaluate and select up to three route alignment alternatives based on the accessibility of the water mains, business and residential impacts, availability of easements, environmental impacts, traffic and active transportation impacts, utility conflicts, overall costs, and other identified risks.

Project Schedule


Before new transmission main locations can be confirmed, survey crews need to conduct a series of geotechnical investigations and field surveys. These investigations are occurring within road right-of-way areas throughout 2024.

The City of Columbus is notifying adjacent property owners by mailing letters and placing door hangers on the doors of homes and businesses. The City of Dublin is collaborating with this effort and also notifying residents about these activities on NextDoor and other communication channels.


Advisory Group Meeting #1 | June 28, 2023